Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Guest-Post : Please advise me!

****I'm so Sorry Pamscribers for being AWOL for the past two days, been having an end of year mass workload, I'm really sorry. Will try not to go running off like that  again.****        
Hi Pam, Am an anonymous regular on your blog. Something unusual happened to me and I have decided not only to share but ask opinions.
Am a lady in my early 20's, engaged to be married soonest. The problem is, my to be mother in law wants to chose the church we wed in, my hubby sees nothing wrong with it. He also intends to continue living in their family house after our wedding, so as to be near her.

He's not an only child and has enough money to rent an apartment, so I don't get all these latest development. Am I too hasty in assuming the worst?

****Let us all advice this poster please***


  1. I don't advise you marry him, cos what your eyes will see eehn your Mother in law will become a dictator in your house.so think twice

  2. Assume the worst! Truth must be told.
    Convince your future hubby to get an apartment. Gosh! Your privacy is needed.
    For peace to reign you agree to wed in the church your future mother in law wants.
    Wish u all the best.

  3. Pls never in ur life poster accept living in the family house with ur hubby. The marriage will be doomed from day one. There is no way family members will not interfere no matter how good they are, in fact ur hubby sounds like the mama's boy , allowing his mom decide where he weds. That means it's the mother that will be calling shot of what happens in ur marriage. This is so bad. Men who want to marry should read articles on marriage, be matured emotionally and spiritually.

    I will also urge all mothers interfering in their sons marriage to Pls desist from such. You are doing ur son more harm than good. Allow ur son enjoy his marriage


  4. To back up my first comment. The Bible said that a man should leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife and two shall become one

  5. Never advisable to start your marital life in you in-laws house. Biko receive sense.

  6. When a man has decided not to leave the grip of his mother, this is what happens. If I will advise you, postpone the wedding, then tell your man to first of all go and rent a place, if not, don't go ahead with it. If you go ahead , you will come back here to ask for advise again.


  7. And she's supposed to live in his family house too?I have no words

  8. Not all M-I-L's r bad......ya'l stop judging n advice.... All I hv seen isn't advice...... #quote me#

  9. Hmmmm una advice sef don try for am so she should pick what she feels is good for her cos me no know


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