Monday, 16 November 2015

Yaayyy... It's Monday and guess what???

Helloo... It's me Pam... saying Good morning this early morning. I know some of you maybe a bit surprised as to why I'm posting this morning. Well, I've been awake while most of you slept on your comfortable bed, and with the way I see myself right now, when I get home its gonna be sleep all through. So that's why I decided to post this now. Another thing, biko who doesn't like free thing? I'm also trying to save my MB so I'm using office internet. *shinesteeth.

Anyways, you all know what today is right? It is Monday, and it is our face of the week. So when you are vexing on how the weekend was too short and blablabla, kindly show your face in here and smile. Yes, you will cos we have a very handsome dude for the week. Yes again, a DUDE, MAN, GUY, BROZ, whichever you choose, is in da house. Let me not take the shine away from him with my too much talk..Lolz...Oyaa, start clapping....

 My name is Andy Nicholas Ekeugo. My twitter handle is  @sabiboyy . I'm the 2nd child of 4.

My early life was I'm Jos, Plateau state. My nursery, high school, and some part of my university was in Jos aswell. I left Jos in my 2nd year in the university due to the 2010 Jos crisis.
I came down to Portharcourt where I met Cece, my aunt's friend who Introduced me into modeling, I have done jobs for blackberry magazine as well as geeks magazine.

Later I found interest in photography, which I am doing presently.
I did some part of university in Portharcourt at the open university aswell before moving down to Uyo to pursue a degree in history and international studies.

Am an easy going guy, fun to be with, lover of nature and I love music.
As a model, fashion is basically your thing! But am dropping modeling, want to run a fashion agency and a fashion house cos it pays better.

 Philosophy of life "Don't let the fear of striking keep you from playing the game"! #thinkdifferently.

Thanks Pamela.

Thank you too for showing us your handsome self. You dream big, I like that. Keep it up. Pammie's Crib appreciates you.

Oyaa, let's do what we do best. Love you all always. Muahhh.

P.S- Biko, make my job easier by sending your pictures for our weekly face of the week which is featured only on Monday's. You are beautiful/handsome, why not bless us with it.

P.S.S- Tuesday is our guest-post day...Tell anyone that needs advice that Pammie's Crib is open to listen. Remember it still remains



  1. He's really cute.

    Hello Andy!
    Hello Pam!

  2. Dope....very very nice

    Wish him the best in his career

  3. I will tell your boss for you ooo... You know
    Andy has a bright future ahead of him... He should keep up the positive energy.

  4. Really a your books too ehn.

  5. Beta pikin. ...fine boy.

    Keep up with the dreams. You will get there

  6. He is a fine guy..May God bless the work of your hands

  7. Seen

  8. Cool looking handsome Bobo


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