Thursday, 19 November 2015

TANTRUM thursday.

Hiya everyone. I see you all, even in your absence, I still see you.
Well, today is the usual, Tantrum Thursday. I have nothing much to vent about shaa, aside the hotness of the scorching sun.
The sudden change to the worse of PHCN, the fuel scarcity resulting to increase in transport fare, the lack of buses resulting in me waiting for more than 20 minutes in the heat and hot sun, fre-enemies all around, and worst of all, not being able to visit my favorite blogs at night due to network ish.
You know, during the day, I'll be so busy to visit these blogs, but after I refresh at night, I like to visit them but now network no dey gree me. Mtchww.

Like I said, there's nothing much to vent about.

Your turn...


  1. Am seriously vexing due to this fuel scarcity wahala..This country don tire me already.No light,the weather is so not friendly,traffic sef dey everywhere

    What is Ambode doing?I am so disappointed at his wasn't like this during Fashola's tenure.

  2. Just checking on you Pam...
    how are you doing????

  3. ooh i went for one owambe today.the sun is a story for another day.i cant use my bleaching cream for now.lolz

  4. Hahaha! Aunty Pam you are seeing me even in my absent?
    Then you are more than two much!
    Happy weekend and please stay out of trouble!


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