Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Hello challenge.

Between my sister and I. Lolz.
Still between both of us.

I didn't get any mail for today's guest post, despite that, the show has to go on right? Yes, mail or not, a post must be put up.

Let's talk about the Hello Challenge that has been going round social media lately. While some have been cool and fun, others re-opened old wounds and left some people more hurt than before. It's a pity!

So after Lolzing at some funny ones, I decided to play the game too. First was my sister, who caught me flat on it. Then few other people on my BBM contact, who not until I told them, they didn't even understand what I was talking about. One of which said the message was not for him, another got upset, while the third started declaring undying love for me. Oops! I immediately had a brain reset and stopped it.

Now it's a bit awkward between I and the third person cos I'm sure he had this feelings for a long time and all thanks to Hello challenge which he didn't know about, he yaff opened up. Who send me message biko?

Anyways, did you play the Hello challenge? How did it go? Let's gist!!

Ehmm, I've been doing rehearsals on my own Hello cover too, Lolz. And while trying to hit the high pitch abi tone, I lost my voice. Hmmmm, things we do for Adele's Hello..... Pam out!


  1. Lolz i don't understand this hello matter abeg..


  2. This Eyo thing sef. I got no time jawe, wait sef lemme see who I can prank


  3. The first time someone did it for me, I didn't know what it was bt it sounded like lyrics.

    Its fun though. I heard the song made some to reconcile with their ex.anyways its all good


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