Friday, 27 November 2015

Give it a topic biko.

         Ok, this pics really got me ROTFL. Grandma but why???

So, two nights ago, I was trying to sleep right about midnight, then I heard a noise from my neighbors house. I listened carefully thinking it was the men of the night but thankfully they weren't the one. Ok, let me digress a bit. This neighbor happens to be a Pastor, and his house is after ours. This man prays and burns this very annoying incense (apologies), I just had to call it annoying cos it enters my house and disturbs my peaceful night rest. Some of us here may testify about its smell. Despite all, the man portrays his Pastor-hood nicely.

Anyways, on the said night I heard the noise coming from his house, inform of heated argument, mostly done in Yoruba regrettably cos I couldn't understand anything, Chai. Then a hot slap followed suite, and then screams of a woman. Ok, now I was fully awake, the argument continued, more hitting and screams in Yoruba.

This continued for an hour or so, then later quietness. So I got thinking, what on earth should have made a man of God hit his wife? Isn't he supposed to be a role model? Isn't he supposed to live by a good example for his followers to be guided accordingly? Imagine his church memeber hearing such a thing, what will go through the person's mind. Then again, I thought about Pastor's indulging in divorces, fornication/adultry and what not, well... Why should men even hit their wives?

I pray God gives us the grace to not be misguided.

Do have a lovely weekend ahead.
Ehmm, anyone buying things this black friday should remember that my shoe size is 41/42, not 40 biko. Thanks and I love you always.

**** Giveaway coming soonest, it will come like santa clause shaa, so you better watch out. Heheheehehehe.****


  1. lol. That pic made me laff sha.

    I really cannot deal with the high rate of domestic violence these days, what's wrong with some men. Bring the giveaway on.

  2. I don't know the kind of pleasure some men derive from beating their wives. Some of them needs psychological help because some of them have gone mad.

  3. I saw the pic too yesterday on bbm, Naija peepz and memes ehn

    I wonder the pleasure some men derive from hitting their wives, e no pure nah

  4. the pic is so hilarious!

    As for men that beat their wives, it a shame, cos they are simply beating themselves. sometimes some of them are possess and needs deliverance.
    God have mercy!

    Pam dear, happy Sunday in advance!!!

  5. I call it insecurity, he is just not a man.m

  6. I call it insecurity, why would a man of God think of such act at all?

  7. fake pastors everywhere.putting the name of christains in mud!

  8. But you didn't see him hit her. What if she was the one that raised her hand on him

  9. lol.. the pic ie Epic

  10. Nigerians and the way they make these Memes, will send you laughing till you forget something.


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