Monday, 9 November 2015

Beauty of the week.

A beautiful Monday to you all. How was una weekend? Short right? Don't worry, another weekend is around the corner.
Yesss, we have a beauty of the week today, she's a silent reader and have been following my Page seriously on Facebook. I didn't even know about that until she sent me a message that I haven't posted on Facebook for sometime. Lol.
Anyways, here she is as our face of the week. Let's give it up for this black beauty... Clap... Clap...

I am Esther c. Igbokwe, 21 years old and currently studying history and international studies in university of Uyo.

I am also a make-up artist, hairstylist, and really don't joke with my hair, dress, shoes and bags.
On my free time, I chat, read novels a lot or  making hair.

I'm a loveable Christian girl, well blessed and hate to be a liability to any one so along with my schooling I also sell jewelries and ladies wears.

I love my music, also love to be in the company of brilliant minds. And yes, I am single.

It is so great to be featured here. Pam is my inspiration and with her steps teaches me not to look at my flaws, and take up any good/wise available opportunities that comes along. Thank you Pam.

***Awww, I'm so flattered, infact I'm seriously blushing here. Thanks so much for gracing our page with your beautiful face and awesome bio. You are so talented. Keep it up dear. ***
Hiya Pamscribers, we got a face today, so let's do what we do best. Cheers.

N/b: Tomorrow is guest post Tuesday. If you have anything bothering you that needs advice on, do send in your mail latest before 9am tomorrow morning. Pammie's Crib got your back. Thanks.


  1. Beautiful babe.. big, bold and beautiful.

    Pammie I nominated you for the gratitude challenge.

  2. Babe is fine and she got a nice dress sense. God bless you in your studies and hustle.

    Try dey comment here, you hear?

  3. I like her dress is pretty!

  4. Pretty girl
    Bold and beautiful

  5. beautiful indeed


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