Friday, 6 November 2015

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Religion has over the years been termed as the opium of the people, and as such, many have over the years used the hunger and want of millions to misdirect them and fleece them of not only their finance, but their time, energy and most importantly, their souls.

I'm gonna tell you my experience and I hope you learn from this. It will be a bit long so be patient biko.

Sometime weeks back, a friend called and told me about a church she visited. Infact, she insisted I joined her the next time she'll go there. She said so many things like, "they see visions and prophesies roles in", infact she was prophesied upon. I just pulled my stupid face (you'll have to know me very well to know that look) .

For a week I was constantly bugged and disturbed by her cos she wanted me to go with her so I'll know the reason why "I'm still single". As if "old desperately single lady" was inscribed on my forehead. Nne biko free me, but it fell on deaf ears, avoiding her calls or pings didn't help either so I finally agreed to go humor myself.

On the set date, we both embarked on the journey to the said church and we were ushered in when we got there. Before I could say JACK, prophecy started and behold I was called out... Things were said about my single state while I stared not shocked at all cos I believed none. I was told to fast and do some other things, all to be done in the church. I just smiled.

After the program abii na service, my friend said I should meet the prophet and tell him I wouldn't be able to do those things in church cos of my busy schedule. I was enjoying all the drama happening around me so I went and met the man and told him that I won't be free to come do those things in church, and asked if I can do them in my house. God is omnipresent right?

He refused, said that if I can't fast and pray in the church for those days, I'll have to pay him to do the fasting and prayers for me. Now, I was shocked. Though I never had it in mind to do those things but I began to wonder how far people will go just to deceive other people and take their money. Is that what greed has belittled us into?

I began to flash back to all the prophesies made earlier on other people, I'm sure most of them won't be able to do same thing, which means that they'll have to pay for the fast and prayers. Biko, how many people will he do their fast for? Hmmmm, this life!!! I had this disapproval when I was going in, and it became stronger then.

Anyways, after he gave me the huge bills, I just told him I'll get back to him, and left. My friend was the only gleeful person amongst us. I was angry that I allowed myself to follow her, though I told her that it won't repeat itself.

Now, I know I may or maynot have made sense up there, but people still fall for these things. People should be wiser than this, and not allow circumstances, desperation, and situations push them into the wrong part. As for all these greedy people, a special place is waiting for them in hell. Wat have we become??? Chai! It's only God that knows His people.

Do have a lovely weekend.


  1. I don't even have time for all these prophesy and vision and all...I don't even want anyone to see vision for me..God will direct my path..proud catholic..shekina

  2. Shabi thats how one 'prophet' in Kenya is sucking free boobs in the name of deliverance? Fake people everywhere. smh

  3. It is well with us all. Its only God that can order our steps

  4. It is well

  5. infact i wont be surprise if its all these white garment church,they are so fond of this.i remember one telling my mum to bring 150k for prayers so i will get married.rubbish,i say na so i ugly reach


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