Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Male friends vs Female friends.

I don't believe in the saying that a guy and girl can't be best of friends without being sexual. I have more of male friends than female friends. Actually the ratio is 9(male):1(female), you see my life. Lolz.  Even that one female friend get am for k-leg sef, cos her own don tire me. There is too much drama, and one thing Pamela detests in her life is DRAMA. I'm about giving her red card though, but I digress.

Now, do you know that guys actually are the best listeners and won't judge you neither will they support you when you are wrong. They won't even lick your fingers just to get on your good side. They are plain and will tell you how it is, won't paint the truth, even though you won't be happy about it. When you have a good male friend, he is the best man for a relationship advice when it concerns your spouse. Men tends to know things about themselves, so he is your best shot. One more thing, you can't hold a grudge against them for long.

There was a situation whereby I got really angry with a friend, infact according to him, it was his first time of seeing me that angry. I was really ready to hold that grudge against him for a very long time, but to my disappointment within a twinkle of an eye, he came back to beg/play with me. I just looked at him in shock, and I was like, "no be this guy wey I just quarrel with now?" That maturity alone cooled me off. I just couldn't hold that grudge even when I really wanted to.

I'm sorry to say this, that quarrel I had with that guy was enough to make best friends sworn enemies.
One of such instance, a lady held a grudge against me for eight months. Meanwhile I was chatting and calling her all that time without even knowing say babe dey vex for me. The day she told me about it, my head exploded. Biko, what was the grudge all about, hmm, one flimsy reason that didn't even mean anything. "you came with me to the program and you left without even saying goodbye". Inukwa ooo!!! Imagine! I was too weak and angry to reply the chat. We ladies need to change biko. 

Anyways, let me not make this post longer than it already is. But male friends rock, sometimes though. Lol.
So which one do you prefer? Let's gist.


  1. Of course am better off with the male folks than the female.. The female folks have too much of hatred and jealousy towards their fellow females which is the reason I detest mingling with them

    The male folks are forgiving,they don't hold grudges or keep malice unlike the female folks.
    I had many guys as friends back then probably because am the only female in my family......

  2. Interesting perspective, and it is true that friendship between male and female can exist without sexual undertones.

  3. Less gossip, drama and nagging with a male friend.

  4. Am indifferent about any of them...I have both of them

  5. I can really relate to what pan is saying...Gosh my relationship with my brother is bam! I'm the only girl and I can tell him stuffs I won't tell my female cousins..but I still have awesome female friends that don't have much drama sha

  6. male friends are supportive ,less drama unlike the female friends full of envy

    i dont even nneed ant sef,i have my bestie for life

  7. There are male friends that are not also faithful so am not gonna draw a line.. I have great friends both male and female..

  8. Male friends are better jare. Truly, less drama.

  9. Female friends rock

  10. I smile reading this through. Great piece namesake... but don't accuse us guys of keeping side-chicks and the rest o, these are the kind of ideas that encourage them. But I still am for your argument that both genders can be without emotional attachments, but it is grace finally that helps us not to cross the line.

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