Thursday, 12 November 2015

Tantrum Thursday!!!

Abeg, I'm so angry right now, feel like breaking some heads.
First of all, it's Thursday and our usual Tantrum is happening here LIVE. We all know how it goes right? OK, back to my gist.

How can I have money in my account and still complain of lack of money biko? I have money but can't access it. This BVN and BVN linking ish is giving me serious headache abeg. Even after linking the account, after four days, I still can't access my account. I don't even have cash on me at the moment cos I can't withdraw.

I'm seriously thinking about going back to the ancient ways of saving money. I have to dig a hole in my room so that I can deposit and withdraw my money at will and in peace without any protocol abeg. I don tire sef.

Your turn.


  1. lol Pam, when you dig the hole, do me a favour nne and send me the address to your house Inu?

    1. Chai Pat, d plans u have for me are not of good oo. Now I know ur plan. Lolz.
      Don't worry, I will give you but I'll change d location of where I'll save it. #tongueout. Lol

  2. Replies
    1. My dear, I used it oo, d bank pple blocked it.

  3. this bvn ish sef! i dont have strenght to go to my other banks to link my bvn,i no kuku get money for the accounts sef,lolz

  4. lolz....sowi dear.... the banking system in nigeria is crazy mehn... very crazy

    favourmoyse blog

  5. Naija is just a messeed up country. Am just pissed at everything.


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