Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Guest-Post : At a cross road.

Hi Pammie and Pamscribers, hope you all are doing great. Please, I'm at a cross road, and I need your urgent advice.

He is Ken, what I call my first love... that's if it actually exist. We are at an odd moment and yet pulled through. But our greatest barrier is distance. So much as am trying to make it work, I just don't see it working.

Most atimes, at any issue that is raised, and there is a misunderstanding, he always calls his big sis to settle it..., like am a kid, and being that I don't like crowd, cos 3 is crowd in a relationship. This gets me upset. Still he doesn't seem to care.

Right now, I got really emotionally involved with another guy, but I just found out we are of same genotype (AS).
And health wise, genotype concerned, it can't work right?

So, I'm thinking of taking a break from relationship, clear the heart and concentrate on my studies, or should I still give Ken more time and see if he'll change? He's AA by the way. Please your advice. Thanks Pam.

***My dearie, how distant are you guys cos you and Ken really need to sit down and talk. I don't mean the phone call or chat talk, I mean the face to face sit down kinda talk. Both of you really need to sort out your issues, and pour your heart out to him. Tell him what you don't like and how it hurts you. Do you have a future in the relationship? If not, my dear you should give yourself a break and concentrate on your studies, the right man for you will come. Do not rush into some other thing you'll regret later. Please, AS relationships ain't adviceable. Hope I made sense? ***
Dear Pamscribers, let's do what we do best. Cheers.


  1. It’s an abomination in my place to give a woman a HEAD ..

    My father warned me seriously about it b4 I got married , he said it has a way of bringing down a man’s destiny … I can’t imagine myself using the mouth I use in eating to put inside a woman’s private part … Because of this, I decided to marry a church gal that is not very exposed with sex, we dated for few months and got married , good a thing we did not even have sex during our courtship ..
    During our honey moon, when we were suppose to make love...


  2. You are seeing another while still in going out with him?
    Ladies get mind sha


  3. Your heart should talk to you better whether is is Ken or not. Definitely you can't go for the AS guy and if you know you can't cope with the childish characters of ken, then move on

  4. You know what you want my dear, if what you seeing in Ken is not what you want, I would advice you to move on, the As guy shouldn't be an option don't try it. Just concentrate on your studies the right man would find you, even if you are in hole.

    miimi's diary  

  5. You have basically given the best advice already.

  6. na wa for ladies...


  7. It's so funny and childish that he calls in his sister to settle your quarrels but however like Pam said you guys can talk it over.. Wish you luck


  8. Concentrate on your studies.


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