Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dream palava..

A lovely very HOT Saturday to you all. Please, where is the harmattan that people are telling me about, cos I've not seen or felt it yet. Anyways, hope you all are doing great?

So, I was going through Facebook and came across the stuff above. Lolz. Biko, if you are the one, what will you do?
As for me, I'll go back to sleep sharp sharp. Infact, I'll start living in that dream land oh, I just can't go through all that stress again. Imagine WAEC, JAMB, and all. Simultaneous equation ke??? No be me and una. I reject it oh... Not my portion at all. Lolz

What will you do??
Let's gist.


  1. Chineke! I will sleep back. Hehehe

  2. Never..... I can Never imagine backwards.......

  3. i rather not wake from the sleep,biko! backward never

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  5. Hahaha funny post..
    For me oo high school was fun, i can remember the love letters, Valentine gifts et el lol. But simultaneous equation is a big fat NO for me ooo, i hate Maths lol
    So i guess i'll just dream on..

  6. Hahaha abeg like carina said i sharperly go back to sleep and keep dreaming...

  7. Lolzzz. This dream is a no no for me. Forward ever, backwards never. I will prefer to keep dreaming.

  8. The konga yakata banners just blocked the entire post.


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