Monday, 2 November 2015

Be Positive.

A teacher once wrote the following words on the blackboard and told her students to add the punctuation marks where necessary.
The words were: Man without her man is a savage (no comma, fullstop or apostrophy).

After a few minutes, as she gathered the results, she smiled. The answers were different (as expected).
This was what the females wrote as the answer.
Woman, without her, man is a savage.
While the male folks wrote, Woman without her man, Is a savage.

As different as both set of answers were, they were correct. We may all look at the same thing, but see differently. When you woke up this morning, did you see gloom, despair and negativity?

Do you lament about your lack or too much qualification? Did you just realise your circle of friends are all like you, blind leading blind? Are you the proverbial man by the river that lacks "someone" to take you to the river? Don't wait to be carried, crawl if it means you to.

Are you one that wakes up with vigour and vision, prospects and endless possibility or the opposite?  Be wise, chose carefully.

This new week, I (say your name), refuse to let despair drown me. Remain Blessed.


  1. This new week,I Adejumoke Kudirat Jenmi refuse to let despair drown me.
    Do have a fruitful week Pam

  2. Nice one..
    Thanks for this

  3. I refuse to let despair drown me,

    have a blessed week


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