Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Guest-Post : Help, I am in a mess.

A Happy new month to you all my lovelies, and may this month bring unto us joy, peace, favor, more and more of God's blessings, and may all our efforts be turned to great achievements. Amen. 
Let us help the poster below with an advice. Thanks. 

Hello Pam and the good people of Pammie's Crib, I love you all. Please I have something bothering me, I would like your advice on that.
I slept with my boss once. Yes I said it, and I'm so mad at myself for that. It happened during a moment of anger and weakness and I totally regret this.

The thing is, he wants some more and believe me, I do not want it anymore. I've been trying to avoid him, giving him signs that I'm uninterested.
I want to tell him that I am not interested and would not like to do it anymore with him, but the thing is I really don't know how to tell him. I'm in a mess.

Note that I'm not being threatened at work by him or anything. But the guilt is killing me, he sometimes ask when we will see again, I just keep postponing but the truth is, I don't ever want that. I'm a bit afraid on how I'll tell him.

Please help me, how do I tell him that I can't do it anymore. I really want to end this. Help me please. Thank you.


  1. I wonder what would have instigated that kind of a sinful act.. However, since you can't turned back the hands of time, brave and let him know your stand...


  2. Thank God you've realised that what you did is wrong. Just walk up to him when you notice he's in a happy mood and let your intention be made known to him. You're even lucky he's not threatening you with sack. Happy New Month Pam

  3. Hmmmmn! Tell him about it. avoid him like plague

    Happy new month

  4. what you know you won't be able to eat there's no point testing. well the deed has been done and you can't turn back the hand of clock.

    it is very good you have realize that what you did was wrong and is a sin before God. pray and ask God for Forgiveness and also pray for your Boss by asking God to change him from this sinful act.

    agreed to meet with him but in an open place, then talk to him, tell him fornicating with him is a sin cos he is a married man and adultery is a sin. and that he should please amend his ways, who knows you may win a soul for Christ.

    but if he still insist that you must commit fornication with him, then it is time to quit that job, all that glitter is not and with God by your side your will have a job more better than that.

    don't let anything compromise your faith in God. remember the story of Joseph( Gen. 39:7-23) in the Bible? God Bless you and increase your faith in Him in Jesus' Name. Amen.


  5. You didn't mention if he's married oh!
    Nma's Blog 

  6. please forgive urself and move on... tell hin you don't want it again... shikena

    the MAD WOMAN that lived on my street

  7. If you can, change work. Cos he won't leave you till you leave, cut all contacts with him and get married!!!

  8. U were brave enough to sleep with him, babe b brave enough to tell him dat u don't fucking want him.

    Or better still sit him down and talk to him


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