Saturday, 12 September 2015

Why the crazy acts?

Yesterday evening after work, I and a lot of other people stood at the Bustop waiting for a means to leave the work environs, but as usual there was no bus. This has become a serious pain to us, closing from work with no means to leave that area, which resulted in us hailing private cars and pray a good Samaritan stops to help. 

So yesterday was a lucky day for me, or so I thought. After my usual "I cover myself with the Blood of Jesus", I entered the so called good Samaritan's car and we sped off. Just few minutes into the ride, he started the usual "what is your name?" and all that, and me being polite in answering. Before I knew it, he had started professing love blabs for me. Ehh! Sharp sharp? That was the fastest "I love you" I've ever heard in my life. I politely asked how come the fast "love", he said he likes my person, shape and all. I just told him
that he should have said he loves my physique and not me cos as far as I'm concerned he knows nothing about me but my name (which by the way, was fake).

Before I could say "Jack" his hand flew to my laps, I angrily pushed it off and demanded he stops the car cos I wasn't interested in continuing the journey with him. See wetin lack of bus just cause. Hian! Awof dey really purge belle shaa.

He asked me to relax, and said I should name my price. Inukwa! Imagine!!! In that instant, so many thoughts were going through my head at the same time. I just asked him to stop the car else I'll scream, and really prayed he does (also hoping I didn't enter a maniac's car). He grudgingly stopped while I got down, and told him that one day he will sleep with a ghost, then he'll know what he has done to himself. He zoomed off.

Yes, I've heard that sex has become cheap, but does that mean you should do it with any Jane, Ada and Bisi that crosses your path? How can you just give someone a lift and start sexually harassing her or him? This is really crazy and stupid and such should be stopped.

I once heard about a guy who did something similar and after the whole episode with the unknown girl in a hotel room, he went in to shower but when he came back he found a casket on the bed instead of the pretty gal he picked. Another scenario, the guy couldn't see the reflection of the gal in the mirror. I don't know how true these stories are but people should just fear God. Haba!!!
Abeg I dey vex joor.

Have you had such an experience before? Let's gist.


  1. God! The struggles of life ain't easy. You will pull thru naturally. Be strong.

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  2. I can imagine how scared you must have been when he touched you. Ndo... the world we are living in is that scary. We can only chose to be different and hold on to our personal worth and human dignity.
    Thank God he didn't jazz you. Thank God nothing happened.

  3. my dear sorry about that, i really understand you. but with God's Divine Favour and divine Partiality, you will have your cars and be helping people in Jesus' name. Amen.

    sometimes things happens so that when you get to the top you know how it feels to be down, helpless

    congratulations this is your month of celebrations and that joy will continue!!!

  4. Inukwa! Arrant nonsense! The man must be a mental case, so he thinks all ladies are cheap.

    Thunder fire his thing. Sorry Pam dear....The man just reminded God of how imperative it is for you to have your own car. It shall come to pass by His grace.

  5. Pammie what did I just read? You get mind menh. You entered free ride? Only you? Pls babe don't ever try it again... unless you people were like 4 or 5 that he helped@the bus stop. I can't even dare it. Odikwa risky menh

    Thank God for your life. May God continue to watch over us... Biko sofri ooooo

    1. That is eh...biko no try this again oh Pammy.


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