Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Baby mama/daddy trend.

Am I the only one to notice the now trending fad of "baby mama/ baby daddy syndrome"? A man sowing his "wild oats" everywhere, and  the ladies willing to get pregnant outside wedlock. Thus, not minding their unmarried status.

Prior to now, getting pregnant to a man who isn't married to you was considered a sacrilege, an insult/shame to the girl's family and will likely dampen her chance(s) of getting married.

Fast forward to the present, many ladies are now proud baby mamas. Living a great baby mama life and being successful alongside that title attached to them.

What baffles me is that, do either of the parents take into consideration how the unborn child will feel? Or do they still feel the shame that comes with the act committed, in the form of a stain in the family?  Yes, this was how the girl or family felt in time past. The fear of what your parents will do to you when they find out about the pregnancy is enough for you to tie your legs and padlock your private part. Yes, this is applicable to the guys too, they ain't spared out of it.

Abstinence have been preached, and to those who can't hold body, protection has also been preached. Abstinence still rules though.
Please, this whole baby mama and baby daddy stuff isn't right at all and people shouldn't be proud of it. It's still best to wait till after wedlock before having the babies.
It should just stop abeg. Or what do you think???


  1. Thatz what's in vogue!!!!!! I guess they like it that way...

  2. I say no to baby mama/daddy...It is a shameful act and single ladies should desist from this act already. However,they should never have the mentality of trying to tie a man down with one stupid pregnancy.

  3. Every man with his problems and choice.... It's a free country and a free world... If you can afford a baby dem go for it... If not don't increase the number of criminal I'm d world...
    pheezy's corner

  4. They say it's the trend, i say it's wrong..

  5. it's very wrong, all these happen because the rate of fornication and adultery are high. children are disobedience to parents, they refuse to listen to instruction because they feel they know all.

  6. if he doesn't want to put a ring on it... give him a baby... i tinkthere are allmoney and fame conscious


  7. There are times when I can't help wondering the kinda children this generation would raise
    Nma's Blog 

  8. Everyman to his own cup of tea. What rules your world differs from theirs. They love it that's why they are doing it

  9. Doing certain things with dignity gives one respect.

    Wifey vs sidechicks


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