Thursday, 3 September 2015

Not a Tantrum Thursday.

Yes, I'm so not throwing tantrums today, I am just going to be thankful. How about that? I 'm thankful for life so far and for how God has ushered us into Ember month. It's really been all God, and I know he'll see us through.

I'm thankful for family and friends. For God's continuous provision even when all hopes were lost. For the wonderful people I met via this blog, you all are awesome, and you keep me going whenever I want to quit. I kinda found myself short of what to write when I was asked to write minutes of my departmental meeting, all the English disappeared, and I started wondering how I've been able to write for my blog. God, and you wonderful people have been my inspiration so far. Pammie's Crib will be 8 months old this month.

I'm thankful for good health and healing. I have someone close to me who has been sick for 2 years plus now, but I believe that everything will turn out in praise.

I lost a good man recently. A man of God. I broke down in tears when I heard he is no more. I wasn't really close to him, I didn't even say a word to him before, but from afar, he impacted my life positively. I'm still in shock and tears cos yes I knew he was sick, but I also heard he had recovered fully and had started functioning actively in church, only for me to read about his death. But you know what, God knows best. RIP to him.

I'm thankful for so many things, and if my whole body was filled with mouth, it won't be enough to give God thanks and praise. I THANK YOU ABBA FATHER.

So what are you thankful for???


  1. For His Grace!!!

    For Blessings ahead!!!

  2. For His Mercies... It can only be God!

  3. Am thankful for sound health,His mercies and grace...Na Baba God sure pass

    Thanks for checking Pam dear. God bless u loads

  4. I am thankful for life and everything.

  5. For his loveeeeeeeeee.

  6. I am thankful for HIS loveeeeeeeeee

    1. yea! am so grateful for His Love


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