Thursday, 10 September 2015

Tantrum Thursday.

Good day lovely Pamscribers, hope you all are doing good today. It's another Tantrum Thursday today, so let us all vent it out here.

I had a not so good week. 5 deaths in total, I wept, went into shock, wept again. What hurt me most was that they were all young people, so painful, but who are we to question God right?

PHCN abi NEPA people have relapsed again. They hardly give us light, yesterday was the worst, we had light for two hours during the day and no light at all from 3pm up to this moment that I'm typing this. Have they gone back to their old ways already? Abeg, we need to complain to GMB so he'll help us out biko. 
How is light in your area?


  1. hello pam, how are you doing?

    Jesus is the only Light that we can always rely on, man will always fail and disappoint us.

  2. light is not bad but not like whne the contant power supply first started.tho my area na error we no too dey get light sha.
    my tantrums! i need money! i need advert on my blog,more money more everything..lolz

  3. Light is better in my area atleast to an extent

    It's just so unfortunate for those that lost their lives this week.May God watch over the rest of us

  4. The light in my area has improved but what is annoying is the robbery cases. May God help us all!

  5. There is improvement on light in my area, but road is our main wahala now. No good road in my area at all,bumps every where, even at that they keep on digging the road to lay water pipes that we are not drinking water from! Chai! Dia ris God oooooo!

  6. Seriously the death is too much. May God protect us all.
    We have steady power in my area but our roads are like a nightmare.


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