Friday, 4 September 2015

Joy in single-hood.

I wonder why some people are scared of being single. To me, being single isn't a bad thing. It's the time I reflect and plan about my life and my future. Being single is fun. Lol.
It gives you time to think about yourself, what you want, where you are going to be in the nearest future, etc.

Yes, when you are with a good spouse, they help you achieve your dreams but in some situations your dreams are best achieved when single. So it baffles me when people see being single as a disease, that makes me wonder why people are scared of it.

I overheard someone say she's so scared of being single and starting life afresh, so she prefers to stay in her really abusive relationship. Imagine!!!

Recently a guy was asking me out, choking me with his love lines, and all. But what really drew my attention to him was him saying he's lonely and tired of being single so he just wants to get into a relationship. I asked him if he's really ready for a relationship or just wants to get into one cos he's lonely. He replied again saying he's so lonely and needs a "girlfriend". I was kind enough to suggest being friends, but ofcourse he didn't want that, so he deleted me off BBM. I just smiled. Talk about why most relationships don't work.

Single-hood is a gift that we must embrace and enjoy. Remember you have more time to think and invest in yourself cos you are not to worry about anybody but yourself. We need to get into a relationship or marriage with the right person and not because we are lonely/ the only one in our group that's still single. Do not see yourself as incomplete cos you ain't dating/married, see yourself as complete cos your life has already started.

It's high time people stopped seeing single-hood as a disease to run away from or something to be ashamed of. It's a preparation process. It's life. People should learn to love being single and work on their self esteem. There is actually joy in being single. Cheers and do have a lovely weekend ahead.


  1. Great piece, I love the concept of the joy in single-hood. As much as the singles should love being single, they should have plans not to get trapped there. But ofcourse, its a matter of choice.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  2. So true...singlehood is not a curse as most people believe. Infact, most people don't know they are single bcos God is saving someone FROM them. They aren't yet ready to impact someone positively.....

  3. "it is a word that describes a person strong enough not to depend on others" ....deep and true! There's so much happiness to be had within AND outside marriage if we'd only spend less time yearning and more time living!

  4. Cool. There is joy in being single, when you are single with a relevance.

  5. Singlehood.... Choice or a Must?..

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