Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wise education.

Today, I write on a topic rarely mentioned or talked about. As a child, I grew up loving movies. And I still don't know how my elder sister knew a sex scene was about to happen cos she will make an excuse and leave the room, while innocent and naive me will stay put, just for dad to shout "don't you have a book to read?" I ran out of the sitting room feeling embarrassed.

Most parents then didn't believe in sex education. What I know and learnt from sex was given to me later in life by my mum. Lol.    

The question now is, How old should a child be educated about sex? Is teaching a child about sex likely to lead to experimentation? Was it fear that made our parents not tell us about sex early or were they trying to protect us?

As a result of the ignorance most of us have, it has led to mistakes made and inquisitive experimentations which maybe fatal.

I witnessed a mother recently teaching her eight year old daughter how to use a sanitary pad and about sex and boys. I was moved. There and then, I promised myself that my kids won't be naive, or learn it by experimenting. I would teach, educate, enlighten them on the necessary things cos it will make them wise. Mothers and future mothers should do that too.

Happy holidays in advance to you all. Really apologize for the break. Ciao.


  1. Good to hear from you pammie.

    This question comes up every now and then. But the best thing is to teach them at that age or even from when they are growing up. You can tell them while bathing them sef. Children learn easily.

    May God help us

  2. With the rate of child molestation and rape these days, sex education is necessary.

  3. Pam Pam, how are u doing dear? I laughed reading this,u know why? Its bcos of how your sister knew a sex scene was abt to happen and her making excuse and leaving the room. OMG!dat was me ..
    My mother educated me about sex the first day I saw blood on my underwear. I was as scared as hell sighting it,so I called her attention to it,she started educating me on how I must run from the opposite sex and bla bla..
    The words I won't forget in a hurry was when she said" You are now a woman"
    To train a female child no be beans o,it takes the grace of God

    1. Don't mind my sister jare. I held it against her for a very long time.
      Lolz@ "You are now a woman". Just imagining how scared u were.

  4. Sex education should begin as early as possible just make it age appropriate at each stage.

    Eid mubarak to all Muslims around the globe.

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  6. Sex education is very important. Parents should never neglect it especially to the girls.

  7. Sex education is very important. Parents should never neglect it especially to girls.


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