Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Check up Tuesday.

I'm tired of being an adult, can I go back to being a child now? There are some days I really ask myself this question.

Hello my amazing Crib mates, how are you all doing this new week? As for me, I can't wait for this week to be over. Gosh!
What is even the name of that goddess with so many hands? Cos some days I feel two hands ain't just enough. And guess what, I don't even have kids yet. Ghen Ghen!!! The Lord is my bone marrow oh.

I just came in here to check up on you guys. No mail came in for our guest post today. Please and please, you guys should send in emails, if you don't have any, introduce your friends to this blog. Let's keep this spark biko.
Keep on spreading the word, Pammie's Crib is in town. Continue to enjoy your week. Thanks and Cheers.


  1. as if you were there when i was telling my friends that i want to go back to the childhoods dayswhere i wont worry about bills and responsibilities.


  2. Continue to enjoy your week too dear

  3. Checkig up on you.. How are you doing? God bless!

  4. be careful what you wish for Pam.

    how are you doing? how is work? take care! and remember that Jesus loves you. weather adult, baby, teenager or any how you are He loves you because you are you.



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