Monday, 21 December 2015


Christmas is finally around the corner, and many folks have waited for the past eleven months for this weekend. As kids, this was the highlight of the year for us. We would finally drink a bottle of coke, a BOTTLE, all to my self, not sharing. Arghh!! Rice and stew and ah!! the chicken.

Meeting long unseen relatives and having freedom to roam, even if it was a for few hours, but not being on a tight leash. Christmas to us meant not just food and drinks, but freedom.

Now, Christmas is still the same date, but we have changed, we are grown up. I don't know about you guys, but this holiday is looking bleak. Is it only me, the fanfare of this yuletide is very contained and low key.

Even the carols and jingles seem to be played in slow motion. The hype associated with the season is more or less none existent. Very few people are going on Christmas shopping, and even holidays. The cash crunch seems to have us all by the jugular. God help us.

So, Dear Santa Claus, I was a very good gal (I was, #winks), I wasn't naughty, thus, please don't forget my gifts on my list. I spent the last weeks preparing that list. Lolz.

Despite it all, money or no money, you got life, love and family. Show love this season.
After all, when all else doesn't matter, family still remains.
Cheers to the season!!!

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  1. lolz.... i don't even have a wishlist... no expectations... i'm not feeling the xmas @ all...


  2. That meme up there is funny to me. Kikikikiki..Compliments of the season dear

  3. Being alive is enough reason to celebrate xmas no matter what.

  4. I agree with you Pam. The excitement is just not there. Anything can happen sha

  5. The excitement is just gone.. The.Christmas we know is fading away and ots just too bad. Merry Christmas dear Pammie


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