Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Parents tales.

Santa I'm still waiting biko.

As kids, our parents were our world, our everything. We ran to them for provision, love, protection and all in between. Parents are our first role models. We look up to them for guidance and direction. My father was the one who told me which profession to choose when I'm grown up.

In our eyes, our parents could do no wrong. We believed all we were told and taught, why wouldn't we? Did we know any better? I believed every word , hook, line and sinker. Even those too incredulous to believe.

Which of our dad's or mum's didn't say that in class, they took 1st position always? Mine even added an icing, that once, he took second and cried for a week!! Lolzz.

Another tale told by my friend's dad was that elephants die standing , because, if they fall, the ground will open, due to their weight!! (I believed that till I watched National Geography). Lolz.

So what tale did our parents tell us that we know better now, pls do share. Let's gist.

N/b: For the people wondering what I want for Christmas, it's not much. All I want for Christmas is just a new laptop or tab for my blogging.

Also, a new and better job. And lots of money. #winks.
So who wanna play Santa???



  1. okay oo. May God your desires IJN Amen

  2. So many tales jare. That if you pee on the ground you spit on it lol. Love your hair

  3. I was a curious kid who never believed till there was some kind of certainty or proof and there never was but I'll just act like I've been bought but in my mind it was otherwise. I don't know how I did that though. Especially the Santa Claus! How can he be everywhere at the same time if he is one, how could he come from America to my small state even my church? Hmmm lol. It's crazy

  4. Hmm I believed a lot of the tales o
    For example my mum told me that if I Swallow udala Seed (African apple) or orange Seed it will grow in my tummy and come up on my head.

    The day I mistakenly swallowed one , I felt like am finished,
    My brother worSened the situation by telling me that it will grow in one week.
    I cried till my mom came back,
    When she knew why I was crying ,She told me that She will beg the udala Seed not to grow in my tummy.

    I kept diSturbing her to beg the udala Seed not to grow

    Low and behold after one week , nothing happened.

    I Still cherished those memories


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