Thursday, 3 December 2015

TANtruM ThUrSdAy.

Harmattan yaff landed, Gbam. Imagine that the weather was so hot last night only for me to wake up very cold th. Infact, I love this weather so much, asides the dust and the twitching nose, and the dryness of the skin, I'm so fine with it.

So its Tantrum Thursday again, you all know the drill right? Well, I don't think I have anything to vent about. This week came with a scare though, but Thank God for being God, I still dey here.
I'm just thankful and know that everything will turn out fine.

Let's gist? Do you have anything to vent about. Throw it in here. Abeg, no go break person head oh cos I fitn't shout. Lolz.


  1. I fitn't shout as well oo. Now I can actually smell xmas and the coming new year. God! Na you hand I dey ooo

  2. Biko you guys should help me beg phcn to please give us light.. The location is Benin city..

  3. Some days, even when you are bothered with many things, just forget them and pretend they don't matter...

  4. no Money jawe,Money show forth thy face,innugo

  5. Yes there is more,.....please Pam join me in praising God for his Glorious work in this month of December, the kingdom of darkness are in trouble because all those that need our blood for sacrifice and demonic post....our Redeemer will feed them with their own flesh and they will be drunk with their blood..for the the people to know themselves to be but men.

    king of Glory...the Mighty in battle...we worship you!
    we are Grateful for the gift of live! Thank you Jesus!

  6. na wah for Nigerian Governors oh......
    abeg i no fit type am mbok cos of the new bill wen people wen we vote for want take finish us....

  7. Am just tired tired tired, registration in any school is not easy so far its in Nigeria. Then what's with the biafra nonsense? Shouldn't we find better ways of settling issues than running? I tire o. Then the so-called no social media bill...mtchews...Nigeria things self. I'm proud of my country, proud of thier incapabilities but sometimes I'm just tired

  8. Nigeria our country.................we truely need prayers ooooooo

    AbleMoJah's Blog

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