Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ladies, seize it.

Ok, so today I hit the writers block again, decided to go to my drafts and search if there is something I haven't used before. Then Gbam, I found this piece I wrote since May 20th, can you believe it? Well, here it is, though a bit lenghty but just be patient to the end.

Can you as a lady ask a guy out, or tell a guy that you'll like both of you date/be in a relationship? Yes, you've been showing all the necessary green light and signals, but he seems too blind to notice it or too shy to approach you.
Deep within you, you know that he likes you or something, So will you swallow your pride, throw all cautions to the wind and walk up to him saying "bro, I like you and I want us to date, what do you think?" Or would you rather build a mansion with your pride and watch him walk into another girl's life while you watch and pout?

I know most of our answers will be "Nooo, I can't do that abeg", "What if he shames me? What if this, what if that???". I know your plight dear. It is because we live in a society that kinda frowns on such, also some guys may term the girl cheap and even take advantage of her boldness. But, do you know that some other guys really see this as bravery on the girls part? 

I know of a couple like that. The man actually confessed that it was his wife who took the first step cos he didn't have the "liver" to approach "such a beauty" as she. And he was really glad. Heard few other stories similar to this too, and it really worked.

Some pple may not want to gamble or take the chances but isn't it worth a try? Guys in the house, didn't some gals reject your advances towards them? Did the various rejections stop you from giving it a shot with another person?
I just think that we girls should try and give this a shot. Some guys are actually intimidated by us and aint really bold enough to approach us. They may deny it all the like, but its the truth. So why not help him out. 

Start a conversation, exchange pins, numbers. Discus anything discuss-able (excuse my language), through that means you guys will know each others interest. Maybe movies, football and all. Who knows, it may kick-start something interesting. Yes, you made him relaxed enough to ask you out. That is you being vast and creative. Make sure you don't force or throw yourself on him, so that he will respect you. Sex isn't love. If you notice that he's trying to take advantage of you, biko run with your two left legs, he's not worth it.

Reason for this post is that I once allowed a good guy slip from my grasp and that it hurt was an understatement. I showed all the green lights but he was a shy person to approach me, only for me to watch another gal come and marry him oh. I was so hurt, especially when a mutual friend of ours told me that the guy really liked me but was scared of my bossy look. Inukwa bossy look? All thanks to my bossy look, I lost that guy. But if I had done the above tips, he would have known how interested I am, and would give him the liver to talk his mind. Mtchww. Once beaten, twice shy oo. Cant happen again. Lolz. Though, I just concluded that he aint mine.

So gals, let's stop dying in silence  by allowing the guys to always be the first in everything. Be the first sometimes. Don't be clouded by the 1960 mentality, this is the 21st century. Ehmm, to the married women, so if konji is holding you big time, but oga no start show, you'll let it slide? Why not be the first to start, I shouldn't be the one to tell you what to do cos I never marry oh. But we know that everything we gat is appealing, everything in our body is tempting, use yours wisely for your husbands, believe me, he's going to carry this big smirk on his face all through the day.
Don't allow another gal sway herself into a guy you've been working hard on, grab him wisely before she does. Hey, I didn't ask you to fight oh, cos na only you waka go be that.  Lolz.


  1. Well, have you heard of relationships that start without either party asking themselves out? It just spring up. So thatz an option if you can't walk up to him

    Anyways, you are on point. Our society frowns at it that's why we feel it's not normal. Me oooo, I won't do it.

  2. well, you made a point ooo, God and Society frowns at it but really understand you bae; please not
    Topmost Tree

  3. Hmmmm...I doubt if I can ask a man out if I were still in the dating scene. I just feel I won't stop hearing it.

  4. Pammie baby, its an African thing. Advanced nations anyone can woo the other sex. Even when a man and a lady goes on a date, the man is expected to pay for the date.. It doesn't make sense. Honestly, so many things should be changed in our mentality while not throwing away our good culture.

    If a woman likes a man, go ahead and tell him.

  5. nice point

  6. Good views but it's nayy for me or anyone close to me.

  7. well i can show the necessary green light and all,infact i can initiate anything but guys can like to take ladies for granted hence my withdrawal symptoms

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