Monday, 7 December 2015

Monday talk.


It's two weeks to Christmas and I'm feeling so fly already. I fitn't hold myself cos I really love Xmas alot, who doesn't?

Anyways, a beautiful new week to us all, and just like the three wise men followed the star to meet Jesus, may our destiny helpers locate us too in Jesus Name. Amen.

So, I recently had a conversation with a guy and he shared some shocking information and I quote "Relationships- I think guys want to start from intimate to love, while ladies want love to intimate....pretty difficult striking that balance".

OK, we had a long argument which made me almost late to church. Now I ask, biko guys in the house also please help me explain this. Does it mean that you guys first of all lust after us, before you start loving us?

I wish I can share the whole conversation though, cos when I asked if a guy must have sex with a lady before he loves her, he said and I quote again, "But that's what a guy works towards first before thinking.... ''oh! I think I like this girl''

Deep down, I know that's not true, I have male friends too so I know a little about how some guys think. But for clarity and honesty purposes, biko tell us if the above conversation is true.
Let's gist.


  1. For most true
    For the loyal and good ones among them...not true
    Pammie bae howdy

  2. For undisciplined guys-so true
    For disciplined guys- not true
    Topmost Tree

  3. Men are mostly moved by what they See (lust) therefore So true!

  4. Most guys, what they see is lost before they find love.
    I agree with that guy

  5. Yes it's just like that, I agree with the guy

    Some do not have intention of having a serious rel with the lady but overtime they discover they keep loving her

    Some ladies are wonderful like that

  6. Typically men are wired differently, they seem not to know what they want from the word go.


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