Sunday, 20 December 2015

Jesus is always the reason for every season!!!

It's five days to Christmas and eleven days to the end of the year, if you know God has been so faithful and Awesome, just say BABA THANK YOU!!!

If our whole body is filled with mouth, it's not enough to give HIM thanks. So in your various little corners keep praising Him for He is worthy.

No matter how 2015 has been so far, just note that 2016 will be filled with great testimonies and awesome miracles, cos the flood gate of heaven shall be opened and showers of blessings shall fall upon us in Jesus Name. Amen.

The Lord has been faithful, always give Him thanks.
Have a blessed week and God bless you my friends.


  1. Thank you Jesus. May God bless you too

  2. Thank you Baba.. you re too much..

  3. Thank you God for the journey so far


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