Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve!!!

Buhahahahaha. Naija people sef.

Tantrum Thursday kini? There isn't any tantrum for me today. Although the sun is to much and I guess it's hotness has affected the flow of cash. Aside that, I'm all good.

Tomorrow is Christmas, how and what are your plans? The frozen food people don sell tire. There are so many live chicken and turkey in the market now. Infact, the market is so filled up.

So I was arguing with a friend on the choice of chicken and Turkey, I chose frozen foods cos I don't have strength for all the procedures involved in preparing a live one. She chose the live one, saying it tastes better despite the work involved.

So I decided to bring it here, which do you prefer, live or frozen? Let's talk.
You can still throw ur tantrum if you have any.
Cheers to the Christmas.


  1. live chicken tastes better. i prefer live to frozen

  2. Merry Xmas Pammie dear
    Wishing you all the best in lofe and more...

  3. You are missing Pam, before I used to argue that there was no difference. But there is . live tastes better

  4. Live taSte better
    Beside The frozen are loaded with preServatives which are injurious to our health.
    Am a food Scientist

    Pammie iF u happen to see all the procesSing that takes place before the frozen gets to naija market, I bet u, you won't buy it again even if a kilo iS Selling at one naira.


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