Thursday, 31 December 2015

Day 365.

Promised to share pics. Manage this one. Lolz.

I really don't know what to say. Today is the last year of 2015, and God has been so faithful.

2015 came with its ups and downs, tears and laughter, disappointments and appointments, pains and joy, and so many other things, but despite all, we still give thanks to be alive to see the last day of 2015. So far God has led us this far, he will lead us through into 2016 and beyond. Amen.

My dear friends, I'm so glad to have met you through this medium. Yea, I've not met quite a lot of you guys, but your presence here alone, makes me smile. You guys are the best.

Sincerely speaking, I don't know the future of this blog, I may stop blogging, I may continue, I really don't know. But whatever the case maybe, I'll be seeing you all. Thanks for being there.

So this is to 2016. Be great and awesome. We shall all excel in our endeavors. Cheers to the new year. E-hugs to you all.


  1. Pam why are you selling fish with your pictures lol. Please don't stop. Just replain your time. Love you for being there in 2015

  2. I must see you in 2016

    One Love

  3. Are you stylishly telling us you will quit blogging soon

    Happy new year dearie

  4. Happy new year dear!
    Wish you God's protection and blessings!


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