Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thursday Tantrum.

I am even too weak to Tantrum today. So tired cos I seem drained. I'm even too weak to pen down what's in my head.
Apologies for my disappearing acts, Adulthood happened. Lol. I really can't wait to get my bearing back biko.

Aside that, I just wonder why some-people can't seem to stay in their own spaces. Some-people are just so troublesome. You remember that colleague I told you guys about, well she has started again. You put her in her place, she gives you space for few days, and then comes back fighting again. Everyone have become tired of her and are now avoiding her. Hmmm, Nawa.

Anyways, I have nothing more to vent on. Do you have any? Share it at the comment section. Cheers.


  1. I can relate with your situation have a colleague like that too. Kpele please have lots of rest..

  2. that's life for you my dear, just learn the lessons and move on.please take very good care of your self. thanks.

  3. Pam,no tantrum oo,I was turning up all day. Owambe things on a Thursday for brushes and colours wedding

  4. Some people derive pleasure in looking for one's trouble. Mine was with a neighbour,not my direct neighbour o,dis one stays at the ground floor while I stay at the second floor, I dropped it like its hot on him and his wife. Wetin concern me?

  5. Some people just like wahala. I can Ignore somebody from Africa. In fact my second name is madam snub. So people tend to think I'm wicked and don't disturb me .I like it that way .my real friends know my true nature


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