Saturday, 5 September 2015

That special friend.

Hello everybody, how is your weekend going so far? If you are at home, lucky you cos I'm working and really need to sleep (vigil things last night). 

Every now and then, that special someone comes into our lives and makes us feel loved, fill the gaping hole, and makes us wonder where the heck you were all this while. It's true, some friends stick closer than brothers (and sisters). And when you do find that friend, hold tight and enjoy the ride. 

From childhood, we look for, yearn for that friend we will hold hands with, laugh and share secrets with, that friend we can be you with, our best friend. We all had that special friend that we didn't need an invite to go over, eat there, and even sleep there too, while your mum begs you to come back home. Yes, some of us are fortunate to still have that person existing in our lives but some of us ain't that fortunate so we prefer to fly solo and be a one-man squad.

I once had a friend who the parents thought was lost and had to call the police amid tears informing them of their missing daughter. Meanwhile the girl was with me all through that day, and her parents thought I traveled to the east for holidays so they didn't bother to check by my house. At the last resort though, they came by my house and found both of us playing, they just shook their head in relieve. They actually started looking for her from morning to night. I later found out what they had gone through.

To some of us, as years goes by, so did our friendship dwindle cos of different situations. We have lost contact on some very important friends, yours truly inclusive. Presently, I've been searching all over social media, google and all for some important people, still haven't found them, and it pains me whenever my search is futile. 
So as the "ember" month starts, call that long aged friend. You don't know what that call would do, bring a smile to his/her face, cry for joy, cheer the person, don't let distance, time or your busy schedule stop you, reach out , like I always say, you never know until you try. Ciao.


  1. This is sure a beautiful message. Straight away I go to make my list of say, forgotten friends (shame on me). I will call as many as I can, atleast for old times sake.

    Thanks Pam... Please find time to rest; sleep early today mbok, you need it.

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  2. so i was gisting wif a friend this evening and he was asking me about some of our mutual friend and when we last talked and i realized its been eons buh then again they don't reach out to me either... friendship is reciprocal...


  3. Nice message you passed on. I will try n reach out to my friends.

  4. it was before i use to carry my friends on my head infact i will even figth my sisters because of them.but now no friends oo,i thought my best friend had my back, never knew they were devil in angel clothing.biko no friend jawe.
    my family na my friend.

  5. Lmao@BMF. Babes don wise up

    I have those special friends ooo that I can always talk to. You are so encouraging!!!!

  6. This is a very inspiring message. Thanks for sharing. Wl defintely holla at them

  7. Just wanted to read secretly, thank God I could not. This is inspiring. I miss my genuine friend. Carry on Pamsy ....Agbara


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