Thursday, 24 September 2015

No Tantrum today.

Ofcourse, you can't Tantrum on a Sallah day. So, to all our Muslim friends out there, we celebrate with you, and are wishing you a Happy Eid-El-Kabir. Happy Sallah.

Ok that said, Bmf and Jummy, where is my sallah meat? Kai, I need lots and lots of Muslim friends ooh. See how I'm dulling myself especially in times like this.

Well, let us all enjoy the holidays, atleast its a long one. With or without a spouse, go out, have fun, relieve the stress, have a long sleep, watch movies, enjoy yourselves, and have a beautiful holiday.
As for me, I'm going to do what I do best. Guess if you can. *tongueout*.


  1. eid mubarak dear

  2. Thanks Pam dear.Do have a superb holiday

  3. The holidays came at the right time.. Happy holidays everyone...

  4. Pam go don vex for me.
    Lemme quickly catch up with old posts

    Hope you enjoyed your break


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