Friday, 25 September 2015

Jolly weekend.

Happy Sallah Friday to us all. I'm so sad, I'm so so sad, you guys wont believe it, but up to this very moment, I haven't tasted Sallah meat. I said tasted not even eaten. Chai, this is very bad. I have been trying to avoid my street cos I sleep with the aroma of the cooking and the same aroma wakes me up also. Its well oo. Lol.

I hope everyone is having lots and lots of fun cos you all need it. As for me, my fun hasn't started just yet. I really feel like clubbing and dancing tonight. Its been loonnggg overdue, and I think I deserve that much fun, I really hope I can do it today shaa. Who wants to join me? Holla.

Anyways, the weekend is here, enjoy it, cos scary Monday is around the corner. Lol. You all should have a swell weekend. Kisses and hugs, xoxo, Muahhh.


  1. You really feel like clubbing and dancing tonight uuh... I know you are just saying it, cause I am nearly convinced that you won't go... you are just pulling our ***tongue out***

    Be waiting for meat to come o, you will just be perceiving only the aroma. You forget that they said that if the mountain does not go to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain. I have said my own.
    I'm out. **Shines teeth **


    1. Hehehehehe, @Ugo, I'm so gonna disappoint you. Will turn up at the club tonight. Lol.
      As for the Sallah meat, I don vex, I no chop again. Wetin sef. Lol.

  2. Dear, happy weekend too!!

    if the meat does not reach you, my dear reach out for your Bible, eat the bread of life, swallow it and it will be sweet to you soul.
    and don't eat it alone. remember to tell a soul about Jesus and God will bless you abundantly.

  3. Awwww Pam dear. U for holla at me when Salah meat yapa for my in laws house.
    Chai! So na aroma u just dey perceive,u no taste am,dats bad ooo
    Anyways,next year dey there...May God spare our lives to able to witness more celebration.

  4. Lol@Lucy

    @pammie hope you followed lucy's advice? I only ate like three meats. Am sure I will eat enough on monday. I trust my colleagues

  5. You are not nice to your street people(people on your street) I dunno which is correct#okaybye
    pheezy's corner

  6. And there was plenty of meat in my father house, to the extent that I invited Immanuel kish over, lolz
    Oya send your Addy make I DHL meat


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