Monday, 28 September 2015

Is being female a crime?

This has really been on the tip of my pen to write for a while now, now I will. But first of all, how una dey? Hope you all had a swell time during the long break? Ehmm, Jummy, hope the sallah meat hasn't finished yet cos I'm coming for mine tomorrow. Lol.

So back to today's post. I've been trying my best to understand the discrimination against female children, while male ones are protected. Female virgins are applauded and in some tribes, it is a must to keep yourself for your husband, but has anyone asked why this isn't applicable to male too? Why are the scales tipped?

A girl will be told from birth to be careful and keep herself for her future husband, why isn't the same preached to the sons? The most I've heard is "better don't get any girl pregnant and bring her home". Shouldn't abstinence be preached to both parties?
A man sleeps with twenty women and he is a termed "a made man", a lady on the other hand who sleeps with twenty men is not only considered a prostitute and whore, but every other "french" unprintable words to describe her.                  

This same thing is applicable in cheating. When a woman is caught cheating, eyes front back to your papa house. But when the guy is caught, the woman has to live and endure it. In some cases, he becomes sober and apologizes, while sometimes he boast his masculinity to you. You either live with it or leave, inorder words, you as a woman is still affected. This Life eeh.

I'm not trying to justify any actions here, all I'm trying to say is there should be equity. What isn't good for the goose, shouldn't be good for the gander. Whatever is frowned upon for the ladies should also be frowned upon for the men. Yea, call me a feminist, I agree, but all I'm trying to state is if anything should be frowned upon, it's the fact that some people still think the women should remain in the shadows, which shouldn't stand.

Let me chill here for now, but I'll be talking about something similar to this later this week. # tongueout. Love you all always, Muaahh.


  1. Hmmmmm....I like the topic...Is being a female a crime?I actually wonder why this life is so unfair to we the female folk.
    Well,only God knows why is like that.

    How are u doing dear? Don't wori,if you no see Salah meat chop dis year, next year dey there nau.Kikikiki

  2. Good topic, my humble opinion is that a child the parent loves is the one they always chastises because they want the best of him or her! If the society pays more attention on raising decent female,i think it is a great advantage on the female part and to see it as a privilege,The society knows that their male counterparts can take care of themselves more better than the females, but any one that looks down on a woman just because she is woman is not considerate at all! Being a female is not a crime,in fact females are more favored than males in many areas!

  3. We need to start a hashtag trend for this. Seriously I donot understand the discrimination against girls even at work place.

  4. Being a female is not a crime. It is an honor to be a woman. If Eve was not created men will be on earth. We are unique in so many ways.

  5. This question always come up but it doesn't apply to every female out there just that over the years it has seem so while the males are given priority first before female.

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