Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Be creative.

Earlier in life, I had learnt an important lesson, its not all what we want, that we get. As a girl, I always wanted a birthday party with friends and candles and the whole ish. Not getting it didn't mean I was loved less, to me, it meant I must try to make my kids enjoy what I couldn't.

In school (primary and secondary), we all wanted to be Doctors, Engineers etc. Yours truly wanted to be a Lawyer. Some ended up achieving such, but some others didn't, I'm in the later group. That doesn't mean I should feel less or loose HOPE of a better/great future cos I WON'T. Life gives us lemons, we make lemonade. The economy we are ain't helping the graduates but somehow, we still keep on hoping for the best.

I was discussing with my hair stylist few days ago, and I found out that despite her graduating with the best grades, she still ended up a stylist. And you know what, she has no regret whatsoever, she appreciates not wasting the opportunity she had to learn hairdressing. It made me to really give it a thought.

Gaining an additional skill different from whatever we studied in school can help us during harsh times. Why sit around as an unemployed fellow while you can be a source of employment yourself? Who knows, whatever skills you learn may not only put smiles on your face, but also on the faces of others too. I know of different people that can testify to it.

Think about it cos I'm really considering not restricting myself to working for someone else, I have to be vast. I read something somewhere that goes thus "why should you work for almost 300 times in a year and collect your salary for only 12 times?" That question actually pushed me to being better. I hope it pushes you too. Be creative dearies. Cheers.


  1. Thanks dear. U never cease to amaze me with your words of inspiration. God bless

  2. so true<thats why i want to enhance my make up road no dey lead to market.infact i have join business into it

  3. This is a nice one.. It's important that we all get a side job /skill.. Thanks for sharing..


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