Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Pammie's Crib is one!!!

Thank you.
The kiss is back and will be for a very long time. Lolz.
Pammie's Crib is one.

Whoop Whoop!!! Hi my lovelies, I'm really so excited today cos today Pammie's Crib is one. O yes, you heard right. It's been a year now and I really can't believe it.

About a year ago, Pammie's Crib was born,  and I just went along with it. Most times along the line, I thought about giving up, I still do though, to confess. But so far so good, Pammie's Crib has been up.

I'm thankful to God and to you all who have been supportive. Cos without you all reading this, hmmmm, I for no know wetin go happen. I could have stopped since. But here you all are, reading my jargon and gbaguan, believe me I know that there has been a lot of blunders but you all have been patient enough to read it.

So, this is to you Jummy, BMF, Chico bee, Carina, and so many unmentioned names, I love you all. Awesome people, God bless you all.

Most especially, I thank God for being God. Marvelous father, I give you thanks. Imela Okaka Baba.

Happy one year blogiversary Pammie's Crib. God bless you.


  1. Congratulations. You shall celebrate more years in Jesus Name Amen

    Topmost Tree

  2. Woooooooow! Good to know that Pammie's Crib is ONE today. Here's wishing you the very best in the world of blogging. Don't you ever give up because the sky is definitely your starting point. Happy one year blogversary dear

  3. Awww that's nice..
    Happy blogivesary to you Pammie. Many more years to you and the blog!

  4. I celebrate with you pammie! Receive Grace to celebrate more and more in Jesus' name, Amen!

  5. Yaaaay! congratulations to us.

    More traffic, more advert this year cheers

  6. Wow, it's really nice. I celebrate with you.

  7. Chai, i haf carry last ooooo

    Congrats darling.....Wish you the best dear, no be small thing..It will surely get better

  8. So Pammie's crib share the same day wt my super mom. Wow! Awesome! Congratulations dear. More traffic and more advert this 2016

  9. Congrats ma!
    But i will go for the second lips for a kiss than the first lips! *winks*!


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