Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Let's rub minds.

Few days ago, I and my colleague's were discussing about davido's ish with his baby mama, and then we went general. Now the question was, in a case where the baby papa initially denied the pregnancy, is it wise for him to come claim the child after birth? I bluntly refused on that, which later gave rise to different stories.

I don't want to waste your time with all the stories shared, but the conclusion we gave was that, it still lies on the child to choose the parent he/she wants to be with at the long run, that's in the case when the child has become an adult.

Infact I need to share two different stories, so you'll understand this better. Please be patient.

In a first case, a man impregnated a gal in their teens and later denied it. Then after 22 years, he came back to get his child either by hook or crook, even involved the police on it and claimed kidnap. But the child here, after hearing how her father denied her mum even in front of village Chiefs still insisted to know and meet her dad. And she did. Now, father and daughter are in good relationship despite all that happened in the past.

The second case, same thing happened but the man here after 32 years of not being able to get a male child, he remembered the gal he impregnated and sought for her. Now, the man's son was a carbon copy of him, Infact, he was staring at a younger version of himself. The son on the other hand knowing fully well that he was staring at his real dad,  bluntly refused and claimed that his father was dead (his step father was indeed dead).

Now, looking at both scenarios, who do you think has the right to fight for their child? Let's gist.

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  1. Every man to his own cup of tea... But seriously if it was me, my reaction would be that of the second man

  2. The one that should claim ownership is the one that stood by the child and took care of him or her till adulthood provided the other party involved never took any responsibility. How can a mother go through thick and thin to raise a child and now suddenly the father shows up after discovering the child is now successful? That's not fair nah. what was he thinking all this while.

    I like the second guy's reaction. Nonsense.the father wouldn't come back if he had other male children

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  3. If you were not there @the beginning while come @the end

    what's in a name

  4. I wish all abandoned and rejected children will behave like the second case on your post. Men that refuses to take responsibility for their actions, should not be allowed to eat their cake and still have it.

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