Sunday, 10 January 2016

God works in mysterious ways.

Most of us don't take heed to the little things God has put in place for us. We just expect to see big miracles at once, while not taking note of the little crumbs of beautiful things he has done for us.

We may not know the evil he has averted from our paths, but at that moment we just grumble. Let me give you an instance.

Years back, I boarded a bus from Lagos to Anambra state, but half way our bus broke down. We grumbled and spent a lot of time trying to fix the bus but to no avail. Then luckily a luxurious bus came over, and we boarded. Yes, we got to Onitsha very late, but we were told a serious robbery underwent and people were shot. God saved us, cos if our bus hadn't broken down, we would have been affected, who knows.

So you see, God works in mysterious ways, even when we don't know it. We even grumble, without even knowing He is fighting our battles for us.

God is always way ahead of us, and He will surely do what he said he would do.

Stay blessed and grateful. Happy Sunday to you all.


  1. Powerful message.we say because Gos has not givenu s that beautiful car,beautiful houses he has not answered our prayers but there are several battles he fights for us during the day and at night.the fact we have life is even a miracle

  2. Indeed God works in mysterious ways and fight too many unseen battles for His children. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. There's no disputing the fact that God works in mysterious ways. All we need do is to be patient and keep waiting. At the appointed time, our miracle will show face.
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  4. That is the God of wonders for you!

  5. God works in mysterious ways. All glory to God

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