Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Does age matter?

I love this.

The first time I learnt about a wife older than her husband, I was marveled and couldn't believe it. That was many years ago back in the east.

Then I started hearing about some couples who their wives were older than the men, so an argument ensued on whether it was healthy and advisable.

Some people said there's nothing wrong with it, being that age is just a number. While some others said it isn't wise cos the woman may end up being dominating and disrespectful.

My opinion : I feel there is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, I know of a few couples who their wives are older and the homes are so peaceful. Yes, most guys prefer being with women they are older than for reasons best known to them. So does the ladies want guys older than them too, but may end up with a younger guy. Remember, one can't control matters of the heart.

So for whatsoever reasons of yours, I still believe that age is nothing but a number. Don't feel cos she's older, or he's younger and let go of something beautiful you both have. Relationships and marriages survive so many things, so what is age that it can't survive?

Well, every aboki to his kettle. So many people will disagree with me on this, but it's my opinion though.
Cheers guys.


  1. I can't marry someone am older than. ..I prefer older guys, I can't shout

  2. In as much as age is a number, we still have our preferences. I can't cope with marrying a younger man.

  3. If i were still single, i won't marry a younger abeg.I no wan their wahala and childish tantrums hehehe
    Howdy Pammie?

  4. Wetin I wan do with someone younger? Hell no,I don't see it working cos am naturally a dominating person...
    My hubby wey old pass me sef, I stl dey shakara am once in a while not to talk of if I had married a younger man,na to dey slap am remain oo lol

  5. I dont see anything wrong with it jor

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  7. Me self no too like make my wife old pass me.

  8. Pammie where art thou?

    Pls visit,

  9. Pammie

    Happy New Month

    Where are you?

  10. I'm around dear. Sorting out things. Thanks for asking


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