Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Let's talk...

Hello beloved Pamscribers, how are you all doing? Well, it's been a couple of days now that I've been off line, hope you all are doing great shaa? Thank God.

So I was discussing with a friend and a question came up, I answered it in my own way, but I want to bring it in here so we'll share our answers too. Here goes:

Scenario : You have fallen in love with a guy, and you guys connect on a soul level.. You are both for each other, no doubt.. Then when the time comes, your family seems to want to become an issue/ they kick against your union, what do you do? How do you handle it?

Let's gist...


  1. If I'm really sure he's the one eh... Hmmmmm... I will no doubt pray about it... And of course I have to know why they object.. If the reason no hold water eh... They should take several seats abeg

  2. Some parents object due to selfish reasons and flimsy excuses. I advice girls to use their discretion, in sorting it out

  3. What is their reason? I don't like hearing things like this especially if they are both in love, it's not just fair nah. Some will say it's because he is from this tribe Or people like this are wicked bla bla bla. Atleast let's know their reason first

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  4. I will have to make them see reasons ni o and like Bolatito said, some parents are just flimsy and selfish in reasons. When all I do fails, I will ask the Lord to soften their hearts.

    This happened to me. I didn't have the energy to argue and so I asked the Lord to be involved and all by themselves they agreed.

  5. Some parents dont have genuine reason for doing this but we can pray to God to intervene. He can do all things

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  6. Pray to God to intervene. Everyone has the right to be happy.


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