Thursday, 14 January 2016

Thursday Tantrum.

The sun today is not for  kids at all oh. Choi! God biko bless me with a car this year,  Amen.

It's tantrum Thursday again, and yes, this time I get am for tantrum.

First of all, I heard that naira is now 300 against a dollar? Chisos!!! God help us in this country biko cos the price of things will be high shaa. Nawa.

Our transformer don blow oh, biko Nepa come and do something na, we are begging you. Life without light isn't funny, no water, the heat is too much. Chai.

Abeg, let me stop here.
Your turn...


  1. Lol... UNN should give me accommodation and stop saying rubbish after I don pay finish.... Mtschew

  2. No rant today, God has finally answer my brother.
    Glory be to God. Truly delay is not denial

  3. Indigestion has been worrying me ever since the fasting started. I wonder what the P is

  4. My own rant is dis light issue. There is no light coupled with the heat.
    Its not funny at all

  5. God will bless you with a new car as u have desired.Amen

  6. Any market you they tell U Dollar don cost but I still don't know y we are head over heels. Na naira we dey spend naaa not Dollar


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