Saturday, 9 January 2016

Self-love and Self-worth!!!

In the early hours of today, I came across a message from Tyrese (an American actor) on Facebook, and his words spoke to me.  Though it was a video, but I'll like to share the key points with you all.

If you allow your self worth to be based on what people think of you, it's the beginning of the end. Self love is the cure to self hate. Nothing makes you more beautiful than the belief that you are beautiful.

Always love and believe in yourself, so even if people stop loving and believing in you, it won't stop you from loving and believing yourself less.

"The day that you allow the opinion of the outside world to dictate the way you feel about yourself, is the beginning of the end of you living a less loving and secured life."

Your self worth is determined by you. You don't have to depend on someone telling you who you are. Love yourself even when the world stops loving, so whatever nasty and mean trash they throw at you, won't affect you one bit cos you've grown above those thorns.

Most people don't actually know their self worth, which makes them vulnerable to people's opinions concerning them.

Never rely on anyone to make you feel better or worse. Do not allow their opinions have a say in your life cos by the time you let their opinions matter, you'll always rely on them to put a definition to your personality.

Love yourself independently, irrespective of what people think, say or feel. Its a matter of knowing yourself more and doing that which you feel gives you true satisfaction. Remember, people will always hate whether good or bad.

Nobody will make you feel more amazing than the way you are supposed to feel all by yourself.

Never rely on anybody to fulfill your heart. And always remember, Self love is the cure to self hate. Also note that Jesus Christ is also involved in the process of self love. Know Him, and know peace.

#self love is the cure to self hate.


  1. You said it all dear. People's opinion shouldn't dictate how we live our lives.

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  2. Nobody should make Us feel downgraded.
    We Should learn to love ourselves no matter what.
    Well said..
    Well written!
    Happy weekend pamela!

  3. No one holds the key to your happiness except you, not loved ones, famiky, friends -no one! Stop waiting for people to validate your existence. If they treat you right- great, if not wipe your tears and get on with life.

    You know we hear these words all the time but we forget and end up remembering the hard way - sometimes over and over and overrrrr again.

  4. Self love is the cure.
    Thanks for sharing


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