Friday, 1 January 2016

It's 2016. Welcome baby!!!

What shall I say unto the Lord, all I have to say is Thank you Lord. Baba God thank you for 2016. I am overjoyed. The Lord is so good. If my body is filled with mouth, it isn't enough to give Him praise. Aah dalu Sir.

Happy New Year and Welcome dear Pamscribers to 2016. Our Year of double greatness, favor, goodness, double promotions, double opportunities, double GRACE, double Blessings, double awesomeness, and double anointing. Infact, everything na double double. Thank You Jesus.

Aah, 2015 was OK, but 2016 will be more than great. So cheers to the new year my lovelies.

Singing... I'm acknowledging you for who You are, for what You've done, in my life.... Dansaki re BABA...

Ouch, I thought I posted this since 12am but alas, it's still in my draft. New-year joke I guess. Lolz.


  1. Happy new year mami..

  2. Happy new year Pamela. It shall be a prosperous one IJN Amen

  3. happy new year...welcome to d year of blessing

  4. Yes sweetheart. We thank God for 2015. It was awesome, fabulous in blogsville. Let's make 2016 together again.

    Happy new year Pamela.

  5. Happy new year dear Pam, welcome to 2016 your year of outpouring!!!


  6. Awwwwwww, I have not wished you Happy new year My bad!
    Wishing you a fantastic and wonderful 2016


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