Saturday, 17 October 2015

Word by John..

A beautiful Saturday to you all, hope everyone is doing great today?

I was surfing through facebook and I came across this beautiful write-up by actor John Dumelo, and I must confess, it's a beautiful piece and indeed a food for thought. Reasons being that alot of us have gone into marriages for different wrong reasons and instead of paradise on earth, it has become hell on earth.

So to all the single ones, including yours truly, let us all ponder on the piece above and ensure we get married for the right reasons. Cheers to the wonderful weekend.


  1. Awesome piece..There is nothing as beautiful as getting married to one's best friend

    1. so true,get married to your friend,love fades but friendship keeps the bond

  2. Right, but if you remove ALL these and place only love,there must be some holes in it!
    Carefully re-analyze it!


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