Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Topicless post.

Over the past couple of weeks and months, everywhere you go to, cries of cash crunch evade our ears. Some people blame it on the new administration , while others heap blame on the GEJ's administration. Whatever the case, we will survive.

I don't really love reading or watching the news, mostly because the news freak me out. Whenever I read or watch about an ex governor or ex-minister allegedly looting billions of naira! I cringe!!! Wetin him wan do with that kind of money? Even his grand kids won't smell poverty. But come to think of it, what do people with such money eat? Akara and pap, jellof rice , pounded yam and egusi, what kind of food do people worth billions eat? Lol. If you do know, pls do tell me.

Abeg, these people should fear God oo, cos God is watching all of them.


  1. Don't mind them jare my sister. They are just rogues. Wetin dey wan dey chop before? Too much canned foods in their system,na why dem dey get cancer...
    Come to think of it,u wld hardly see a povety stricken somebody have cancer,na all those over rich pple dey always get am...God is watching those politicians that looted our money.

    How are u doing jare Pam Pam?

  2. they eat their future with it,awon thief,they will now have big belly like pregnant woman

  3. I wonder myself... Why do we hurt other just because we want to acquire wealth we don't really need

  4. Pam lolz good question? Maybe continental dishes


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