Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Guest-Post : Confused if "he is the one".

Dear Pammie's Crib, I am an on and off reader of your blog. I do like your writing style and I congratulate you , it isn't easy writing at all. I just want to use this medium to ask for your opinion.

I am a lady of twenty five years old, currently dating (we would be eight months old by month end). I really do love the guy, he promised marriage (like most guys do). The thing is, how do I know "he is the one"?

Is eight months enough time to take the plunge? We disagree about the no. of kids to have, he wants two, I want more, he isn't really a kid lover , ironically, I am. I love babies, I love children. His Christian life is floundering and that's of concern to me. If he is the one, how will I know? A sign, something to know would do me good. I Have been praying. What do you think?

***Please fam, let us help this poster out with what we do best***
The Lord direct your part dear.


  1. there is that little voice in your heart... follow it....


  2. You and only you know.Go to God in prayers,observe him.study him like a book.then set out what you want in an idea man if he pass the litmus test then you good to go.


  3. firstly, i would say, that you are still contemplating if he is the one at the stage of fiance-marriage, that is something to worry about.

    the first thing to consider in choosing a spouse is your purpose or rather thier purpose on earth. does this one guy advance your God-given purpose?
    Does he build you up in Christ or pull you down?
    Do you see yourselves raising a home that will please God?
    do you even know the purpose for which God has created you?

    if your purposes are not aligned, there's bound to be disagreements in future.

    this is one of the reasons for divorce and in such situations i begin to wonder if one can even do anything about bringing the spouses back together.

    When you marry someone, its for the rest of your life so its important to make the right decision.
    how would you even know who is right when you don’t know that you are right?
    knowing your G0d given purpose is important so you don’t get tangled up in a relationship that draws you away from it.

    so, what's your purpose in life? does it align to his?

    finally, if you want to be with a guy and he is the one, there'll be no questions at the point of getting engaged...you shd be at a point where you can't wait to be married to the person


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