Wednesday, 28 October 2015


She had the most pleasant smile

But tears kept running down my face

I knew where I was headed

They all had spoken of it

Our captors had the most enticing smile

But we eventually headed for our death


Painful was the death the tales told

The car was air-conditioned

Just like my Home

I begged God to let me live

But this was it


She had a beautiful compound

A beautiful Home

Well-decorated kitchen

Where were the kids?


Then I spotted the picture frame

Her and a man alone

No kids

No baby bump

Seemed they were newly married


Soon as the cold breeze blew

I slept


I felt pushed and woke

I was being taken to the sitting room

My heart beat faster

Tears dropped

My end was feets away

Didn’t know death was this scary


At the couch seated the man in the frame

He smiled as she approached

She smiled back

Kissed Him

Then sat on Him


Turn by turn

Holes were gored into my flesh

I was in excruciating pains

My screaming fell on deaf ears


As the tales told

The dying memory

Was always the smiling face

I smiled back

Then took my last breath.


 #Presumed thoughts of an apple.

This beautiful piece was sent in by a blog reader...UKENI NACHIKAMBI VICTORIA

She blogs here:

Wow! It took me a while to understand this but I re-read and understood it. Thanks alot dear.
Pamscribers, where una dey?


  1. not sure I really understand this piece. Can u pls help me out Pam?

    1. It's about the life of an apple. From the place of purchase to wen it is eaten. That's how I understood it though.

  2. i thought she was referring to a beautiful lady

  3. Beautiful piece. I'm trying to understand it, will read it all over again.

  4. aww, thanks for posting pam. her explanation is quite correct.


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