Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Love of my life!!!

So, few days ago I was watching a movie, then an actor said "how do you know someone is the love of your life when you  are still living/alive?"  I pondered upon it for sometime and then came up with this question, who is qualified to be the love of your life? How do you even know that he/she is the one?

Looking at the high rate in divorces and married couples who are literally living single these days, I noticed that most of them had once termed their partners "love of my life". And then when the worst part of the vows sets in, you here things like "this isn't the man/woman I married".

I put this question on my BBM personal message, and a friend commented on it with this.
" You will have this inner peace in you, even if you guys drink only garri.. You can be yourself with him or her. Also, when he or she tells you or does things you desire to hear or experience that no one else has ever ever done to you.. Then you'll know he or she is the love of your life"

I kinda agree with her, but one thing is missing here. God's guidance!!! If God is not in with us here, we tend to be carried away by the "over love" and be blinded to some ugly signs which will later lead to regrets and "this isn't who I married" phrase.

We all need this to make the right choices in our relationships and marriages. Let God guide us to the part where "the love of our life" dwells. To the married ones, keep on praying for your partners, there are lots of temptations out there. A family that prays together, stays together, always remember that. Cheers.

Ps: Thanks a lot for your prayers and best wishes, it worked. I'm stronger and better now. Believe me, this sickness shook me no be small. A friend even started terming it spiritual attack cos she hasn't seen me this way before, hian! Lol. But God pass the sickness, I'm better now. Thanks a lot, and I love you all. E-hugs and kisses.


  1. To be on a safer side, my daughter is the love of my life biko *winks* your friend is right, when you find the right person, you will be at peace with every aspect of your life; I am praying for that feeling.

    Happy you are fine now Nne, the Lord is your muscle.

  2. for by strength shall no man prevail, you can have that inner peace when you are infatuated, lust can even cause that too, remember the story of king David's son Amnon who had that peace when he lust after his sister Tamar, but as soon as his friend Jonadab advised him and he rapes his sister, that peace disappeared and he hated her. ( 2Samuel 13)

    the key to that answer Pam is God. talk to Him in prayer and lead and direct you i the right direction. for every good and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning. (James 1:17)

    Prayer is the Answer.

    how are you doing Pam?????

  3. Love of my life is my husband for now until the contrary is proved. And God forbid it will never. Lolz .thank God you are better

  4. Well I agree with her as well. Only God can give us inner peace but when you are in love with someone everything seem right with them especially if the love is mutual?You are good to go!!!!

    Good to know you are better Thank God

  5. Thank God For total healing. Only God my dear, nothing else can sustain a happy home.

  6. Thank God you are fine now.. Yeah there's a inner peace you get when you meet that special someone.


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