Thursday, 15 October 2015

THurSDay TanTRuM!!!

It's another Tantrum Thursday. Hehehehe, I really don't have anything to vent about, I'm just thankful that I'm better now, all glory be to the Lord the healer.

Biko, the only thing I'm bothered about right now is the reckless driving amongst drivers in town. Please, what's the rush? You all should remember that it's better to be late than The LATE. There are lots of accidents and loss of lives this time around, it's becoming alarming. Take your time when driving, don't worry, you'll get to your destination in peace rather than in pieces.

Yes, there are some crazy drivers, the ones in Lagos are really high on something when driving. Make sure to scream at the top of your voices until they reduce the speed. None of us shall loose our lives in this season, Amen.

Anyways, do share with us the thing that has made you really angry this week.


  1. Hello. Have a lovely weekend ahead of you.

  2. nothing made me angry instead i received a good news.i won a christain loubs from Rita Dominic



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