Thursday, 8 October 2015

Thursday Tantrum!!!

"Rain rain go away come again another day, Pamela wants to wash!"

How are you all doing this rainy week? Do you like the downpour? Don't you like it? Well, as for me, I want it to stop biko, have clothes to wash.

You all know what today is right? Yes, it's Tantrum Thursday! So what is that thing that has pushed you to the wall this week? Vent it out here.

I've been really under the weather, ran some tests and found out it was malaria and typhoid. No wonder it hit me hard. I really don't like feeling this way, it makes me weak joor. And I hate being weak. I hate injections and drugs. You need to see the drama I acted in the hospital when I wanted to be injected. The nurse couldn't hold her laughter. My doctor is wicked shaa, see the plenty drugs he asked them to give me, nawa.

Anyways, I hope to be better soonest so that I'll get up from this bed.

Your turn?


  1. Do enjoy the best of the weather, and get well soon. Warm greetings to you.

  2. looking for a place to get an IT place ment was beginning to stress the life outta me... got somewhere yesterday wifout ish and plenty touts in my head


  3. Sorry love. Please get well soon. No tantrums for me joor.

  4. I mistakenly borrowed somebody money (not that i was too buoyant o) now the person is telling me stories..

  5. Get well soon.
    The Lord is your strength

  6. Sorry dear. The weather is something else

    My clothes are inside too. Since we can't spread our clothes outside again


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