Thursday, 29 October 2015

TBT/ Tantrum Thursday.

Good morning my lovelies, I'm sure most of you would be surprised to see this early morning post. Well, I worked over night at work and I'm sapped. Infact, when I get home, I'm so having a long sleep, which unfortunately will be cut short cos I have to run an errand for mum. Hmmm, can I just magically turn into a princess living in a big mansion/castle right now?

Anyways, few days ago my sister sent me a funny picture. Chai, I couldn't stop laughing. So a thought crept into my brain, why not we make some Thursdays a THROW BACK THURSDAY (TBT), whereby we all share pictures and stories and laugh about it. What do you guys think? It will in no way affect our Tantrum Thursday.

We can run it this way, maybe this week will be TBT, while next week will be Tantrum Thursday, and it will run concurrently like that. What do you think? Kindly let me know your opinions ok. Thanks.

Lolz. Someone guess me in that picture. Awww, I look so beautiful right? Lol.

On the other hand, Access bank show me pepper yesterday no be small. Someone paid in some money into my account, and immediately I received the credit alert, another debit alert followed suit, wiping out the exact money that was paid in. Eeeh? If you see the speed I used to dash out of the house. I got to the bank by 10am and was there till 1pm. I had this massive headache cos I also ran night the previous day and needed to sleep. Anyways, they later refunded my money, and immediately I stepped out of the bank, I withdraw everything in my account, even used the change to recharge my phone. Inukwa.... I need a new bank biko. Seriously eyeing GTB now.

Ngwanu/Oya/Ok na, has anybody had a similar experience? Kindly share with us and tell us how you handled it. My sis said I was roaring like a lion. Lol.


  1. Hehehehehehe..This pix is epic Pam. Chai! When ladies were girls.Innocent looking girl.
    No tantrums today...just that person don broke

  2. My tantrum is that you have probably not noticed that I nominated you for an award on ma blog... Ok ooo
    See, that bank palava happens o... I don't think any bank can claim to be a saint when it comes to hitches here & there.
    It is well shaa.

  3. Omo every where is dry mehn! I was expecting a client to pay, na so the person put me for long thing. Dre is God oooo.
    I think I have some funny pictures, lolz

  4. Loll.. pams this your picture fine oo...tbt is actually going to be fun oo...

  5. Join GTB! My elder sis always complain about Access.


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